Three-Day Weekend, How I Love Thee

Seriously, you should come around more often. Don't be a stranger! I love you for all you have given me, but mostly I love you just because you're you.

As usual, I planned fun activities for the whole weekend. Spontaneity is for suckas! On Saturday, we attended a Pow Wow. We've missed it for the past two years because we were on vacation over Independence Day both years. I've always enjoyed it, though. I love the pounding of the drums and the dancing. I'm always amazed by the intricate beadwork and other details on the native garb. It was hot as all get-out on Saturday, but the participants never let on that they were probably wilting on the inside. The three of us consumed two massive shaved ice treats and were still half-dead by the end of the Pow Wow.

On Sunday, we took the kid to a farm. We go every year. She lives for the kittens that reside in the barn (would someone please tell her that we are dog people?). My favorite this year was a goat who was only ten days old. I actually had heart palpitations over the cuteness. Once they get a little older, they only come to you if you have food, but he hung out with me even after our milk bottle was empty. I was also smitten with a piglet who was scampering about. I assured him that I don't eat his people and he was down with that.

I asked one of the farm employees a question I've always had in the back of my mind. Every year on the farm there are new baby goats, pigs, etc. Obviously, most are not there the following year, as it would not be practical to keep all of them. This is a working farm but is mostly billed as a family/tourist destination. From what I've observed, the animals are well cared for and I've noticed that parents are diligent about keeping their kids from harming the wee creatures. Anyway, I asked the guy if some of the animals are sold at auction. He hesitated for a second and said, "Well, some of them. We keep most of the females for breeding stock." What happens to the rest of the males was left unsaid. I guess if you are a four-legged creature born on a farm, you'd better hope you were born with a vagina.

On Sunday night, we trekked downtown to watch the fireworks. It started to rain about five minutes in, but for once I'd had the foresight to bring umbrellas. This was the first time the kid had seen an "official" fireworks display. For the past two years we were in Virginia and the year before that she was only two and I felt it was too late, too much. Now, she's at just the right age and loved the fireworks. She started asking "is this the end?" after a few minutes, though.

On Monday, we didn't do anything spectacular. I took the kid shopping with me and then took her to an indoor amusement center. It features a carousel, train, climbing area, and games. I hit the jackpot on one game and received 100 tickets in one shot. Yes, I'm that good. However, you could have a million tickets and the only prize you can earn is . . . well, let's face it. It's all crap. I came home with a heap o'Smarties in my purse.

Until we meet again, three-day weekend. How's September work for you?


You are such a fun mom!

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