What's that? You want a double helping?

My other (younger) half turns 38 today. He requested a chocolate cake and our daughter and I set out to make him one. However, she demanded a much higher level of involvement than in the past, which is how we ended up with this:

Yessirree. I'm just waiting for the lady from Cake Wrecks to knock at the door, wanting to see for herself the least appetizing cake of all time and space. Or maybe one of those "kitchen disasters" shows.

Although A has known the alphabet since she was 18 months old, she affixed several of the letters upside down. She then dug them up out of the chocolate, turned them around, and poked them into the sugary goo once again. You know she licked her fingers in between, right? Thank goodness this cake is just for the three of us, because I'm pretty sure she also licked the spatula she was using to apply the icing.

Happy birthday, husband o'mine. I hope this cake isn't an omen of some sort . . .


Jodi said…
I sent a pic of your cake to cake wrecks. Just kidding.

I think it looks delicious! It's a labor of love! I'd eat a piece, spit and all! :)

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