Stupor Girl

As I sit down to write this, my husband and daughter are in the other room playing an X-Men game on the PS3. We only have one controller, so they have to share. I have to confess I am impressed at how well she can navigate the game. She knows the names of all the mutants. She knows which button does what on the controller. When it was A's turn a few minutes ago, I actually heard her father say this to her (and I promise you I am not exaggerating or embellishing this in any way - it is a direct quote): "Hang on, let me find you a robot to fight."

Isn't that what every daddy says to his precious baby girl?

In other super hero-related news, the kid has decided to be Super Girl for Halloween. We bought the costume, but she keeps insisting that she needs to wear a tiara. We've told her repeatedly that Super Girl doesn't wear anything on her head. The get-up is pretty garish already, truth be told.

Speaking of super heroes, I cannot say the word "Superman" without my brain involuntarily adding the rest of the line. "Superman looked up at me, he said 'you rock so naturally.'" I realize I am really dating myself with this. Honestly, I should be ashamed. But somehow, I'm just not.


Sara said…
such a great Blog Claudia! It sounds like Adrienne is just as much a fan of super hero's and the xmen as Tori. Hence the name of our newest cat (Shadow Cat)

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