Very Strange, Aye

She runs - on purpose!

I'll be offline for a few days (sorry to disappoint my reader!), as my middle sister and her family are flying in for a visit. My sister is planning to run a marathon while she is here, which really puts a crimp in our weekend social plans but to each her own, right? Seriously, though, I am extremely proud of her. I was never much of a distance runner myself. My sister and I have the same parents and yet only one of us is tall, thin, tan, and beautiful. But I did get bigger boobs than she did! And a slightly better nose.

On a completely unrelated topic . . .

I took a look at my blog's stats this morning and I never cease to be amazed at some of the Google searches that people do which link them back to my blog. Here is a random sampling:

kevin blitzer --> This is the name of my friend who died recently (lots of variations of his name came up). I should thank him for generating some traffic for me. The irony there is that he used to make fun of my blog all the time. He still would if he could.

i spy my mom --> That ain't right.

what rhymes with mom --> Prom, glom, jiggedy-jiggedy bom bom? Methinks someone included a very sad little non-rhyming poem in a Mother's Day card.

abducted in alabaster --> Crime wave in Alabaster, apparently.

different ways to say "combines" kids --> Combining them, as in a recipe? Some days I think my kid was combined with that evil Gremlin from the movie. Hoo boy, is she ever giving us a run for our money lately.

how to strange ideas for kids --> I'm not sure if the kids are strange or the ideas are strange. Possibly both.

mom exhibitionist --> I'm going to ask you one more time to stop talking about my mom like that.

pink smells like ? --> Nothing like blue, I'll tell you that much.

tingly mouth sensation after eating bread --> This reminds me, I had ANOTHER allergic reaction on Saturday. This time it was a muffin that contained a bajillion ingredients. You'd think I would've known better.

what ingredient in brownies make me feel sick allergic --> If you find out, please let me know. This food allergy thing is driving me bonkers.

does green alabaster glow in the dark? --> I'm going to confess right now that I have no idea what alabaster is (other than the color/descriptor, I mean).

how to play i spy with my little eye --> This makes me really sad for some reason. It's like looking up the instructions for playing "tag" or something.

red tube searching niece --> You gotta start somewhere, I guess.

why is my mom being chewbacca --> I got nothin'.


Melissa said…
How do you find out what people searched for to get to your blog? I can't figure that out. Among many other things I cannot figure out.
Alabaster Mom said…
I installed Google Analytics. If you go to, it's pretty easy to do!
By reader you mean me right?:)
Anonymous said…
You were a pretty as a little girl and you're now a beautiful woman. I had three gorgeous girls. I can hear you say it -- "You're supposed to say that, you're my mother." Anyway, you girls give me a call. Mona, I'm very proud of you, too. Good luck!!
Mom aka Ma
Rachel said…
I've known you nearly thirty years and I can honestly say you have always been a beautiful and remarkable girl and now woman. And like a fine wine your just getting better with age.
Lisa.Y. said…
It's too funny what people look up and land on your site with. BTW, I'm pretty sure that alabaster is a mineral used to make decorations and stuff. It resembles marble. But I have no idea whether it glows or about the "mom being chewbacca"
Mandy said…
That was REALLY funny to read what people search about! :)

Oh, and I am jealous of your sister, one of my goals is to run a marathon, I've got a LONG way to go before I get there!! :)

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