All Sorts of Goings-On

I haven't written in a while (except for my brief anniversary post), mostly because I thought you might be tired of listening to me bitch about my feet. Good news - you're mostly off the hook on that score now.  I own three pairs of definitely-not-cheap Vionic shoes at this point and, for the most part, that's all I wear. They aren't the cutest shoes in the world but, let's face it - the cuteness ship has sailed for this old lady anyway. I do feel slightly annoyed with my podiatrist because he didn't mention these shoes as an option. I have given up on curing the plantar fasciitis (and obviously I can't make the bone spurs go away). I now just focus on walking without pain. My Fitbit tells me exactly how many steps I take each day. When I walk 11,257 steps in a day, that's how many times my brain says, "Ow." (My brain hears about it from my feet.)  It's hard not to focus on the pain when you are reminded of it thousands of times a day. The shoes help tremendously. I may order another pair, but I will need to have them delivered to my office because I think the Mister is getting suspicious.

I think we've established that I have never been, and never will be, much of an athlete. However, my daughter and I did complete a 5K on Saturday.  I walked most of it, with some intermittent jogging mixed in. I tell myself that even though I can't really run, I'm still modeling healthy behavior for my child. She and I have a 10K in a couple of weeks, another 5K (pet walk) right before that, and a 15K bike event in July.  Saturday's 5K was a lot of fun. She was dying to take one of the dixie cups offered at one of the water stops and pour it on her head. I let her, because I couldn't really think of a valid reason why she shouldn't do that.

What was really fun about last weekend, though, was that my sister and her daughters were in town for a visit.  My 17-year-old niece wanted to tour a college campus while she was here.  She and my sister also ran a half-marathon on Sunday (the marathon is part of the same series of events as the 5K we did).  While they were running the marathon, P and I were in charge of keeping our other niece alive. She is six months old and we quickly realized that we are pretty rusty on some of this stuff. We drove to the 11-mile mark to cheer on our runners, and you should have seen us trying to figure out the stroller/car seat situation. We attached the car seat (with sleeping baby inside) to the stroller and then could not get it back off to save our lives. A car full of people was parked behind us and I could just tell that our act was the source of great amusement. All three of us were bent at the waist, pushing buttons and flipping levers in hopes of liberating the baby from the stroller.

Another big highlight of the weekend was my daughter's spring choir concert. I was so happy that my sister and nieces were in town for that, too. The concert was really, really good and I'm not just saying that because my kid was in it.

A few weeks ago, my daughter auditioned for one of the upper-level touring choirs. On Friday, we found out that she got in. She was so excited.  So, starting in August, she'll be with the older girls in the touring choir. I think this will go a long way in helping her with vocal development, maturity, and whatever else comes along with such things. The touring gets pretty expensive, though, so I hope she is prepared to sell candy bars like I don't know what.

After a fun, eventful weekend, my sister and nieces headed back home yesterday. I miss them already, but I will see them in just a few weeks when we descend on their house for a visit.  They live about a thousand miles away but we visit as often as we can. We were blessed with incredibly beautiful weather during their visit - I hope they can return the favor.

That's all the news for now. The puppy is still a terror. We like to play a fun game called "Guess what's in my puppy's mouth?"  Yesterday, we thought he just had some dental floss but when we tugged on it, it was wrapped around a fist-sized wad of Kleenex. It was actually pretty impressive. He has also started humping Gretchen periodically. That goes over about as well as you'd expect.


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