Sunday, May 3, 2015

A little note to my baby

Here you are, giving us the finger. So sweet!
Hey Goober,

You're ten years old! I can hardly believe it. Double digits!  Last week, we gave a couple of your old Dora items to a friend from church. You used to love Dora. Or Dura, as you called her.  You used to watch the Backyardigans and mispronounce their names, too - Plablo and Migua come to mind.

And now here you are, fully of sass and personality and braces. I am so proud to be your mom, and I am so grateful to your birthmom for choosing us to raise you. Or, you might be raising us. Sometimes we can't tell. Although I would sincerely love it if you would get up and get dressed on time, there's not much else I would change about you. I love your outgoing personality, your constant singing, and your crazy curls. You're the best hugger the world has ever known. 

Happy 10th birthday to the girl who made all of my dreams come true. I love you the 'mostest.'

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