Saturday, April 4, 2015

It's simple, really

Here are some things I can choose:
  • What I wear tomorrow
  • What I eat and how much
  • How much I yell at my kid on any given day.
Here are some things I can't choose:
  • Whether or not my husband snores on any given night
  • The weather
  • My sexual orientation
I saw this news clip earlier and it made me feel a little stabby.  Let's say you're goofy enough to believe that sexual orientation is a choice. You have a right to your opinion. Whatever. But do you discriminate against a BABY, for crying out loud? What the hell is wrong with people?  The whole scene in Indiana is troubling, too. I'm glad that pizza joint came out and said they don't want to cater weddings for same-sex couples. I'd rather people not hide their bigotry, you know? It's better if we all know so that we can boycott that shit - or support it if that's your thing, I guess. Also, since when are people having pizza joints cater their wedding? Is that a thing?

I can only hope that in my lifetime, people just get over the "it's a choice" stance. I need everyone to accept the premise that it's not a choice, and move on from there. I happened to be hard-wired to like boys. I didn't choose that. I also didn't choose to have pizza catered at my wedding.

What also makes me sad is that Christianity is getting dragged through the mud so much. My Christian friends don't buy into the "it's a choice" stuff. I even have friends who are both Christian and gay. *gasp!*

Sometimes it just feels like we, as a society, are so unevolved, you know? It's depressing.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to exercise my choice to pour a nice glass of wine.

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