Sunday, April 19, 2015

I know we *just* did this, but . . .

My husband and I spent most of the weekend painting our living room. He says we "just" painted the living room and didn't understand why we needed to do it again. I need to tell you when "just" actually was: 2005.  My husband has always had weird ideas about time. For example, if it's 6:10, he'll say, "It's almost 7."  We really need to paint the dining room as well but I'll wait a month before mentioning it. I have to ease the boy into things.

I headed to Home Depot on Friday evening to throw myself on the mercy of a very nice paint department guy. "I don't know what I'm doing," I told him, "but I want brown paint."  I pointed to shade of brown from one of the five cards I had in my hand. There are a lot of shades of brown. I was looking for something like caramel, I guess.

"Sure thing, young lady," he said. Young lady. Ha ha ha!

"I also need some off-white paint for the ceiling," I said.

"Well, turn right around and grab the 'Book of Whites' off the rack."  I was buying Behr paints and yes, they have a Book of Whites. It sounds like some scary thing the KKK published fifty years ago.  I selected White Privilege. Just kidding. I chose Cottage White.

On Saturday, I did my best to stall by driving to a vegan bake sale but eventually I had to face the music. I mean, paint. I think it turned out pretty well.  Just don't look too carefully at the corners.  The brown paint is called something like "Artisan Crafts" or, as my husband lovingly refers to it: runny diarrhea.

My friend Dave made me these pictures many years ago and I still adore them.

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