Thursday, February 5, 2015

The day we got a whole museum to ourselves

On Sunday, the day after we worked at the pet expo, the kid and I woke up to find that a snowstorm had blown in overnight. We were on the 11th floor and could see snow for miles. It wasn't a surprise - we'd heard it was coming. However, I am not one to panic at such things.  I had promised the kid that I would take her to the science museum on Sunday and there was no way we weren't going. The snow was still coming down but I wasn't in a hurry and took my time navigating the streets near our hotel.

When we got to the museum it was around 10:20 a.m. The museum had opened at 10.  We were the only people there.  The guy at the admissions desk warned me that they were thinking of closing at 2:00.  That was fine - we weren't going to stay for more than a couple hours anyway (we love the place and have been there several times).  The museum is split into two main sections - water-based exhibits on one side and other science exhibits on the other side.

We had at least two employees to assist us at every station. You could tell that some of them thought I was mentally ill just for being there. "You sure must have been determined!" several of them said. I explained over and over that we were from out of town, that we had volunteered at a pet expo, and that we had stayed overnight. I mean, I had to drive in the snow sooner or later to get home. It may as well be later.

After about an hour, we did spot two other determined families in the museum.  All in all, the kid and I had a great time. We got to play with lots of stuff and didn't have to wait for anything.  One of the employees even came over and wanted to show us extra stuff.  "Check out this welding simulator!" she said and then let my daughter try it over and over.

When my kid is 50, I hope she will still remember the time I drove her to a museum in a blinding snowstorm just because I said I would.

I was going to show you all kind of photos of the kid at umpteen exhibits (by herself) but in my zeal to clean up my phone a bit, I inadvertently deleted a few hundred photos that I meant to keep. So, here is a photo of me (with a dumb look on my face) taking a photo of the view from our hotel room.

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