Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The New Guy

I've now been a rescue volunteer for 15 years. That seems crazy, doesn't it? I think all rescue people are probably a little nutty. I mean, I suppose one must have to be a little off to take in dogs that strangers have abandoned and then let them wreck your house (the dogs, not the strangers).  When I die, if no one can think of anything to say about me except, "well, she did save a few dogs" . . . well, I'm okay with that scenario. I'd prefer that they remember my rescue work instead of my horrible singing voice, questionable driving skills, and iffy fashion choices.

I picked up a new foster dog on Saturday. He was a stray so he needed a name; the kid named him Duncan. I'm embarrassed to tell you where she got that name. If you have a kid in your house who plays Minecraft, you may be familiar with a dude named Stampy Longnose. Stampy has made something like 45,654,870 Minecraft videos. Anyway, Stampy has a dog named Duncan. A make-believe dog, I mean. I'd explain it if I could.

Anyway, Duncan is just adorable. He's a bit of a train wreck, but I took him to the vet today to get started on his vet care. He's lame on one foreleg. It's nothing that can be fixed, though. I have debated with myself whether or not to have the leg amputated, but he uses it enough (mainly for balance) that I don't think amputation would be the right call at this time. He's cryptorchid, meaning that one of his testicles is still inside his body somewhere. That's how I know I've been doing rescue too long - I immediately felt him up and counted his testicles. He's also got a bunch of skin tags, which I'll have removed when he's neutered. The animal shelter didn't give him any vaccinations and he's got some green snot going on, so I'm fairly confident that Duncan's going to break with kennel cough shortly.

I've always said that strays have the nicest temperaments, and Duncan proves my theory once again. He's just an absolute doll.  If I sit next to him on the floor, he balances on his good leg and then hoists up the "bad" leg and flings it across my lap. Then he gives me kisses, and if you could smell his breath, you'd have great admiration for my act of love (in letting him put his face on my face). 

He'll be with us for at least a few weeks and then I'll work in finding him a home. He might be a tough one to part with, but if it's the right home, I'll let him go.

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Mary said...

Tempting, sooo tempting! Kind of reminds me of Sammer in dime ways, lame leg, skin tags, my kids called them his extra parts:)