Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm cheating on you

It's true. I have another blog. It's set to private, though, so no one can see it but moi.  I am just trying to work out some stuff and the writer in me is compelled to tackle that challenge via the written word. However, I am not comfortable sharing it and so, it stays private for now.  Hey, it's cheaper than therapy, right?

I haven't been posting much on this blog because, well, it's January. I think we can all agree that January does not have much to brag about. At work, I don't have another holiday until May. The days are pretty grey. And long. And hum-drum. While we wait patiently for spring, the kid has decided that it's high time we start talking about her birthday (which is 3 1/2 months away).  She's already working on the list of kids she wants to invite to her birthday party. Oh, how it annoys her that she has to suffer through her dad's birthday (in January) and mine (in February) before we can fully focus on the most important birth of all. 

Speaking of birthdays, how embarrassing would it be if I asked for these for my birthday?

I have a pair of roller blades (which need new wheels) but I can't help it - I just really like the old school skates of yore. I take my daughter to the local rink from time to time and unlike many parents, I actually skate. I have a feeling my days are numbered before I'm asked to drop her off and then, you know, go home. If I buy skates, I can exercise my right to skate in my 'hood any time I want.  Well, once the snow melts, that is.

I can tell you who won't be purchasing these skates for me, though, and that's my father. When I was four, I fell and broke my arm while rollerskating. It's been 40 years, but the dude is still traumatized.

I'm also thinking of getting a fitbit. I've been doing a little bit of research but would be interested to hear more feedback. I know there is a new model that tracks heart rate (which seems handy).  I'm not 100% sure I want something strapped on my wrist all the time, though.

So, that's all the news for now. I'm headed out of town for the weekend. The rescue has its annual meeting, so I'm going to stay overnight - in a hotel! All by myself! I was thinking I might try to catch that movie "Selma," too.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to yell at someone to turn off the bad Top 40 music and do her homework.

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