This one's pretty exciting, you guys

I haven't been writing much, because there hasn't been much going on. The rescue had its big fundraiser on September 20th and I needed about a week just to recover from that. As far as what I've been doing  with my free time . . . I know I'm late to this party but I've been plowing through all five seasons of "Six Feet Under."  I truly think it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. I'm not one to sit around and watch TV for large stretches of time, but having HBO GO on my Kindle means I can watch the show when I'm getting ready and whatnot. I watched "Big Love" over the summer. P and I also just finished "Breaking Bad" (we accomplished that one via DVDs from Netflix).  We were late to that party, too.

The only other bit of recent news is that I bought myself a plane ticket to visit my middle sister and her family in Northern Virginia for Thanksgiving. I can't wait!  I saw my sister for about five minutes in a parking lot in Maryland back in July. I passed my child off to her before continuing our drive home. So, I felt like a longer visit might be nice. I feel a wee bit guilty about leaving my daughter behind but I am doing so for a couple of reasons: 1. I don't want to buy an extra plane ticket so close to Christmas. 2. She just spent ten days with my sister in July. 3. I could use a little just-for-me trip.  I'm sure that my husband and daughter will receive lots of invitations for Thanksgiving dinner, so I'm not too worried about that.

Um, let's see . . .what else?  Oh, I scheduled my first mammogram. I know, I'm late on that, too. The first one should have taken place several years ago. However, I was always so traumatized after leaving my OB/GYN's office that I immediately blocked it all out. It's true that Dr. Meanie gave me a number and told me to call it to schedule a boob squish, but I never did. My new doctor made sure I had an appointment before I left, so that was helpful (I guess?) My appointment is on Thursday. I may just have to write about it in excruciating detail after I'm done.

If you need further proof of how my week is going . . . I ran to Costco at lunchtime today to pick up some dog food. In order to get in the front door, you have to show your membership card. So, I flashed my card and started to walk into the store. "Um, ma'am? That's your gym membership card."  


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