Saturday, June 7, 2014

Progress (or, gross stuff about my foot)

Yesterday was the best day ever - I got rid of the sexy surgical shoe. I can't wait to see the medical bills when they start rolling in. I'll bet you that stupid shoe was a thousand dollars or something.

I also got my stitches out yesterday, and ditched the bandages, too. They bandages were pretty gross. I stepped squarely in dog pee the other morning, so that was fun. One time I also spilled chocolate syrup on them. I thought the nurse was going to have to call in a  HAZMAT team to dispose of the bandages after they were removed from my foot. My podiatrist said he was really impressed with how well I healed. I felt kind of impressed with myself for a second there, until I remembered that I have no control over that. My foot is still swollen, but not horribly so. It currently looks like so (but less blurry):

Here is what my foot looked like five days post-op (I took this shot during a bandage change at the doctor's office). The photo isn't THAT gross, but I'm hiding it behind a link in case you have a delicate constitution (Dad, do not click that link. I know how you get.)

I'm walking pretty well, though steps are still a challenge. The doctor gave me some physical therapy instructions ("bend it this way until it starts to hurt, then do it the other way until it starts to hurt"). I have to say that I really like my podiatrist. He's down-to-earth, he's easygoing, and he doesn't treat me like I'm stupid. I've had some run-ins with iffy doctors, as you may recall. I even thanked Dr. D for being so nice. I'm sure he thought it was odd - I mean, it's like thanking someone for not being a racist or a homophobe or something. I mean, why wouldn't my doctor be nice?  I don't know - ask the ones who weren't, I guess.

He did give me a frowny face when I told him I want to go swimming this weekend. My daughter and I are going out of town and the hotel has a pool.  My doctor starting blathering on about why it's a bad idea to swim right now.  "Incision blah blah blah bacteria blah blah blah." Party pooper. I am packing my swimsuit in case I decide to defy doctor's orders, but I will probably behave and stay out of the pool. The kid can still swim.

I have to go back to the doctor for a re-check in a month, which is right before I leave for a beach vacation. I am looking forward to doing some serious beach-walking so I hope to be back to "normal" by then.

Don't worry, this should be my last foot post for a while.

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