Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hey, it's 2014! The three of us kicked off the new year by going ice skating this afternoon. I figured we'd be in a consult with an orthopedic surgeon shortly thereafter, but we did okay. I don't know why it only occurs to us to go ice skating once a year.  The kid loves it. Within the first half-hour, she ditched the metal holdie thing and was skating freely. She fell a few times, but then . . . so did all the other kids who were there, including some of the hipper-than-thou teens who were clustered on one side of the rink.

We didn't do anything too exciting on New Year's Eve. I had to work until 4:30. I developed a blazing headache so I came home, took some aspirin, and spent the next few hours lying in the dark and hoping for some relief. I finally felt better at around 8:30.  We all made it to midnight and then went straight to bed. I wanted to make it to yoga at 8:30 this morning so that was another reason not to get too crazy last night.  It was a good class - a nice way to kick off the new year.

My most important accomplishment of the day, though, was that I figured out how to take a photo of my face using my daughter's iPad and then to turn my face into her wallpaper. Huzzah!

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radioactivegan said...

Happy new year! I love the iPad wallpaper. You need to keep doing that, on through her teen years. Just 'cause :)