Monday, January 13, 2014

What, no pool? This is an outrage!

CeCe the Wild Man was adopted on Friday. A and I took him to his new home and left him in the capable hands of his new mom. My dogs were thrilled to see him go. Don't get me wrong - Cece is a very nice dog. He does not have a mean bone in his body. It's just that he's young and makes bad decisions. An example? He tried to hump Gretchen. That went over about as well as you'd expect. My dogs are old and CeCe is young and never the twain shall meet, I guess.

His new home is a couple hours away so the kid and I decided to stay overnight. I used my trusty Priceline account to bid on a hotel. I figured we'd swim and eat junk food and have all kinds of fun. I bid fairly low because I knew there weren't any special events in town or anything like that.  So, what did I get? A room at a very nice four-star hotel. With no pool. The kid cried when I told her. She'd have preferred a room at one-star Best Western as long as it had a pool. Alas, there are no refunds on Priceline. She stopped crying when I reminded her that she was in trouble for loading games on her iPad that were not free and were charged to my credit card automatically. She was lucky I was taking her to a hotel at all . . . was my point.

We got CeCe to his new home Friday night, despite some icy driving conditions. We then stopped at a grocery store to buy some doughnuts for breakfast. I wasn't sure what they charge for breakfast at a four-star hotel, but I was pretty sure it was more than the $2.00 I paid for glazed doughnuts. We then left the grocery store and drove to our hotel. As it turns out, the hotel was beautiful. It was built around 85 years ago and features Art Deco design. Not that the kid cared. For the love of God, why is there no pool?  

It was already pretty late by the time we checked in and got settled, so the kid played on her iPad while I took a long bath in the super-deep tub. Before that, I took a few photos of the lobby area because I figured my mom would get a kick out of the Art Deco stuff. Eventually I pried the iPad out of my daughter's hands and we went to bed. Oh, and apparently when you get a room on Priceline, you don't get to make any demands about the bed situation. I was informed that we had a queen bed and that was that. So yes, as always, my daughter sprouted about 16 extra knees after she fell asleep, and aimed all of them at my ribcage.

The next day, we met some friends at a museum. We paid extra to see an exhibit on poop. That's right, we have a back yard full of poop but we wanted more. More, I tell you!  We also visited a butterfly room, where butterflies flit around and land on random people. I really enjoyed that - it's hard to find any reason to be angry or irritable when you are surrounded by silent painted wings. My friend has a daughter who is only about a year younger than my daughter. This was the first time the girls met and they seemed to get along really well. At lunch, they high-fived over the fact that they are both vegetarian. The kid is already asking how soon she can have a sleepover with her new amigo. After lunch we went to an IMAX movie about oceans. I got a little queasy - just further proof that my stomach and I are getting old.

We finished the day with a trip to Trader Joe's and then drove back home. The roads were much better on the return trip. The kid played with her iPad all the way home. Man, I wish we'd had something like that for road trips when I was a kid. My sisters and I had nothing better to do in the backseat than to argue and punch each other. Builds character, I guess.

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Tiffany said...

So happy our adventures made your blog! I guess I never thought about the whole ridiculousness of paying to see a whole floor of poop when I have plenty at home:) Glad you had a good enough time to blog about it!