Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You'll wear a shirt with a kitty on it AND YOU'LL LIKE IT

I went shopping with my daughter last weekend. She needed some new boots. Not snow boots, but fashion boots.  In the past I have seen some cute boots at Gymboree so I took her in there.  They were having a sale and I had a coupon. Woot!  I started poking around and spotted some adorable pants with flowered appliques on them.  And, there were brown boots that matched! "Look at these, baby girl. Aren't they cute?"  She shrugged. I poked around some more, determined to find some article of clothing on which we could agree. And then, finally, I heard this:

"Mom, I just don't see anything in here that I like."

Whaaaaat?  No more Gymboree?

"Are you sure?" I asked, frowning slightly.  I held up a skirt.  She shook her head. We left and headed to Old Navy.

Later this month, Sesame Street Live is coming to town. I used to take her every year. Now she is too old.  This morning she left the house in skinny jeans, high tops, and a tee shirt with her school logo on it (they are the wildcats and today is "Wildcat Wednesday").  However, she didn't want the shirt to be too baggy so she grabbed a rubber band, bunched up the bottom of the tee, and rubber-banded it so that it would fit snugly over her tiny little hips.

I know she is growing up. I can handle it . . . I think. For some reason the rejection of Gymboree really stings, though. I don't know if I'm ready to give up. I mean, what is the alternative?  The clothes at Justice?  My retinas can't take it!

At least I still have my memories.

Gymboree sweater with a kitty cat on it.

Gymboree shades.

Mod dress from Gymboree.

Gymboree pants with, yes, kitty cats on them.

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Mary said...

Oh my goodness, looking at those baby pictures, where oh where did those years go!?!? Tooo cute!;) Don't worry, I say the same about mine, hard to believe though!! Your baby is still so young!!! Like my Mom always said just be thankful you can tuck them in bed at night....;) I wish I still could!! Sometimes!!;)