A wedding toast!

When the preparations for my sister's wedding got underway, I was so happy for my sister that I felt like I had some stuff I wanted to tell her. Mushy stuff. I thought maybe I could give a toast at the wedding so I started to write one. Later I learned that tradition dictates that only the maid of honor and best man give toasts at a wedding.  I guess I've been to some non-traditional weddings that didn't follow etiquette or something. I remember going to the wedding of one one of my husband's childhood friends several years ago. Abel (the groom) stood up and said, "I know that the bride is supposed to be the center of attention, but I need everyone to pay attention to me exclusively."  If you know Abel, this will make sense to you. Anyway, I still have some stuff I want to say to my sister, so I'll share it here. I'm going to go ahead and use my brother-in-law's name because it's a common one and I don't think it will give you a way to track us down and murder all of us or anything like that.

A toast to my sister and her husband

First, I must tell you that I had some very serious concerns about this marriage. Marrying a Dallas Cowboys fan seems wrong in so many ways. However, instead of stewing over Josh's heinous shortcoming, I have decided to devote my energies into converting him into a Redskins fan or, better yet, a Packers fan. But, he is my brother-in-law and I love him, so even if he doesn’t convert, I will try to accept him even with his disability.  

Josh, I need you to know that I do indeed adore you and am so happy you and my sister found happiness together. I know that being a stepfather is not an easy job, but I saw early on that you had the head and the heart to parent and to love L and L without reservation or hesitation. My daughter has already viewed you as her uncle for years. Now it’s just a little more official.  Two years ago, you received the opportunity to get in on the ground floor with this parenting stuff. Of course I am referring to the birth of your beautiful son, R. What an amazing gift for you, to be able to see your own brown eyes looking back at you from that adorable little face. I can’t wait to see if he will be analytical like you or passionate like my sister – or maybe some of both. The five of you have formed a truly beautiful, strong family. I am so very happy for all of you.

I need you always to remember that my sister is extraordinary. She is an amazing mother, sister, daughter, auntie, and friend. Not only is she physically beautiful, but she has a beautiful heart as well. She is whip-smart and funny and generous and kind. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is not afraid to experience all emotions, deeply. If she is joyful, you will know. If she is angry with you . . . um, you’ll know.  

What a gift my sister has been to me all these years. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I was an introverted child and she was the extrovert I needed in my life. She asked me not to share any childhood stories at the wedding, so I won’t tell you how she used to sing, “Errybuddy’s got a hungry heart . . . “ when she was little. Or about how she is such a heavy sleeper that we used to sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” at the top of our lungs while she napped on the couch after school. Or about the times she snuck out of the house as a teenager. She made a rope out of some knee-high pantyhose she’d gotten for Christmas. She’d tie the pantyhose around her wrist and then fling the other end out her bedroom window so that her friends could come and tug on it when it was time to go out. She was the wild child to my goody-two-shoes. 

Although I am the older sibling and perhaps should be the one setting an example of some sort, I find myself in constant admiration of both of my sisters. I love them both so very much.  

Please join me in raising a glass to my beautiful sister and the lucky guy who had the smarts to make her his own. :::clink!:::


Sarah said…
Oh Claudia this is cute and sentimental and brought a tear to my eye. It also made me wish I had a sister like you. Enjoy the wedding, I can't wait to hear the details.
mcumber1 said…
This is a beautiful post/toast. I am deeply touched by your words. Thank you sweet sister o' mine. I am extremely lucky to have you in my life and to be such a big part of this special event. I am honored to have you stand next to me as I move onto this next exciting chapter of my life.
BUT, please remember, THIS sister doesn't know or care much about "tradition". Please feel free to share your wonderful feelings and thoughts of josh and I at the reception!!! ;)

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