Sunday, August 4, 2013

The world traveler goes to the state fair

We got our kid back yesterday!  Her flight from DC was delayed.  As I stood around the concourse for an hour, I kept wondering if perhaps she was chatting up the pilot, resulting in the delay. She denied it when the flight finally showed up, though. We went from the airport straight to the state fair. The three of us had a good time, though the fair was verrrrry crowded. P and I spent about two solid hours watching our kid on rides. I guess that's the glamorous part of this whole parenting gig. We left the fair with the kid in tears because we refused to buy her a bubble gun. Maybe she missed the part where we spent $35 on a wristband so that she could spin her brains out on those rides.

I'm busy unpacking and catching up on a few things (we stayed overnight before driving back home), so I'll just bore you with a few photos in the meantime. Oh, and I should add that we didn't eat anything too crazy. We shared an order of deep-fried Oreos and that was about as wacky as we got. We only eat them once a year but oh my, they do make one's dreams come true.

Do you see how she's got a row of teeth coming in behind her original teeth?  We think she might be a shark. Seriously, this girl is gonna cost us a fortune in orthodontia.
See, I don't usually find her dad this amusing, but what do I know?

An advantage to being petite. Even at the age of 8, you can still con your dad into doing this.

We walked through the animal barns and noticed that the sheep were all dressed as ghosts. Or Klansmen? Either way, it was a little disturbing.

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The Lovely One said...

I immediately thought you were at a KKK barnyard when I saw that picture!