Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mom! Look what I can do!

As you may recall, I started going to yoga pretty regularly about 2 1/2 years ago. I really enjoy it. No matter how fat/ugly/horrible I feel before class, as soon as I walk into the studio, I feel great. More than that, I somehow convince myself that I even look pretty good, too! Yoga pants are kind, I guess.  Also, there is only one mirror in there.

Some days, I go to class and feel like I'm just as uncoordinated as I was on the first day. Other days, I feel strong and flexible. On those days, even the balance poses come easier to me. However, there are a couple of challenges that have been causing me much vexation.  One is that I can do a headstand but lack the core strength to pull away from the wall.  So, being a slave to the wall frustrates me a bit. The other is my inability to pull myself into a full wheel.  I have tried a thousand times. I think there are two reasons for my failure to get myself completely off the floor into this back-bending posture. One: poor upper body strength.  Two: I kind of, sort of, weigh a little more than might be ideal for this pose.  However, I continue to try.

In class Tuesday night, the instructor had us do the bridge pose twice. This one I can do without a problem. Typically, on the third round, the students are invited either to do another bridge or to go for the wheel. So, I gave the wheel yet another try.  However, this time I tried putting a bolster under my spine to give me just a tiny bit of a lift. Whaddya know - it worked.  I raised myself up and let my head drop back.  My lower back was all, "Are you sure about this?" but I felt strong and confident. And thrilled!  The instructor applauded my wheel and told me the bolster was a great idea (and assured me that it's not cheating at all).

When I got home, I made my husband take a photo of me. He refused to get up from the couch in order to take it from a reasonable angle. Hence, an uncomfortably close shot.  I didn't have the bolster at home but was still able to get the job done. Oh, and that's not a smile on my face. It's more like a grimace.

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Jen said...

YAY for you! So proud! I recently was able to get in to wheel myself. It was such a struggle for so long! Also, I am almost able to complete the crow pose. That one is still a challenge and I still can't do a handstand. It's all about the core and arm strength. Both I am still working on. Keep it up!