Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good and bad and ain't no in between

Bad: my mom's been in the hospital for several days now. I am mucho worried about her. Tests show that there is something ominous going on with her intestines. The doctors will run more tests on Monday. I am in a bit of a holding pattern. I am hoping she will be sent home with some effective meds and all will be well. However, if surgery is needed, I need to figure out a way to get down to the great state of Oklahoma. Nothing can happen to my mom. I do not have a spare.

Good: my foster puppy was adopted today. Augie's a cute little bugger and all, but this whole party-all-night thing had started to wear on us a bit. You have to be ultra-vigilant when you've got a pup around. Several times I suggested to him that he give some consideration to choosing a hobby. I thought maybe he could start with a latch-hook rug kit or maybe try cross-country skiing. I think he knew I was disappointed in his decisions as far as how he spent his time (attacking the mop, chewing electrical cords, etc.), but he didn't lose any sleep over it. Because he doesn't, you know, sleep.

Bad: I went to Weight Watchers today for the first time in a few weeks. It wasn't pretty. I was feeling pretty dejected after my last weigh-in. I worked my ass off and wrote down every bite I ate for several weeks. On my last weigh-in before Christmas I lost .2.  As in, a fucking fraction of a pound. I mean, I can blow my nose and take out my contacts and lose .2. However, I have a new fear that might just keep me in line.  My husband's insurance is requiring me to have a full physical. My fear is that they will hand my results to my husband and, for the first time in 20 1/2 years, the man will know how much I weigh. Once he has this knowledge, my only choice is to smother him in his sleep. I mean, you and I both know I can't let him live once he knows.

Good: I went to yoga this morning and got a little bit closer to two goals I have set for myself. One is that I want to be able to do a headstand without using the wall for support. I played around with this a bit in class today and actually pulled it off for a few seconds.  The other is that I'd like to be able to pull myself into a full wheel without assistance.  I tried it today and made a little bit of progress. Goal number one involves core strength and goal number two involves upper body strength.  My upper body strength has always been lacking. I remember trying to haul A around in a baby carrier when she was an infant. I'd have sworn she weighed as much as a cinder block. However, since she was a very average-sized baby, I think the problem was with me and my floppy arms.

Good: Downtown Abbey starts tomorrow night!  Do not call me, email me, or text me while it is on. I will cut you. 

Awesome: my kid actually sleeps like this.

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