Witchy Woman

My daughter's Halloween costume has arrived. It was made for her by her personal designer and seamstress, Meemaw.  A was so excited that she wanted to wear it all night. She selected the pattern herself - a witch but not a witchy witch, if you know what I mean.  More like a glamorous one.

I didn't do it justice with this photo, but the costume is amazing. The skirt is overlaid with tulle, there's something fancy going on with the lacy fabric around the hips (I have no idea of the correct terminology), and it fits her like a dream.

If she came to your door for trick-or-treating, you'd give her a full-size Snickers, right? 


radioactivegan said…
She looks like she's levitated there .. very witchy indeed!
Sarah said…
Awesome costume!!!! Full sized Snickers for sure! Well if Brian would let me give them away that is...

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