Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mah Dogs iz Crazy

I think it's time the world knew that . . . my dogs ain't right, man. At every meal, Gideon leaps vertically into the air while Gretchen spins in circles. I have worried about Gideon, in particular, because I'm convinced he's going to smack his chin on the counter one of these days. Or maybe he'll come down wrong and blow his cruciate (a common injury in Boxers). I wonder what my two knuckleheads think will happen if they don't repeat their respective rituals?  Like maybe one of these days I'll just cut them off and tell them, "No maniacal jumping? No freakish spinning? No food for you!"

This video also reminds me: I need to stop eating ASAP. Seriously. 


radioactivegan said...

That is an impressive amount of enthusiasm! I wish someone got so excited about my cooking :)

(Also - I love your top! It's a really pretty color)

Mary said...

That is hilarious! I never had a dog get that excited! If you need to stop eating I realllllly need to! I don't think it helped buying a bunch of clearance Easter can candy!;)

Gixxerchic said...

That is awesome! They seem to calm down right around the same time!

Thanks for sharing! (dinner time here is pretty boring compared to that!)