Looking up

AAAAB+.  Those are my daughter's current grades. I felt it was only right to post that update because she is not too happy with me for telling people that she had missing assignments.  One of her friends mentioned it at school and I guess she was pretty embarrassed. I realized that I do need to be more careful about the information I share about my child. She is getting older now and is more aware of these things. I do like to reach out to other moms for support sometimes, though. I have known the same group of May 2005 Babycenter moms since, well, 2005.  These are the same moms with whom I compared notes about when to start my infant on cereal. As parents, we often experience the same challenges at roughly the same time. The good news is that my daughter is not the only one who has struggled with the transition into middle school.

Now that I know she needs more hands-on help with keeping her organized, I am trying to do just that. She is caught up on missing assignments now. I am keeping a close eye on the ol' campus portal now. She either loves or hates the increased attention - I'll keep you posted.

Speaking of my kid, who do I talk to about stopping her from flipping water bottles? If that isn't the weirdest use of one's time I've ever seen . . .

Let's see . . . what else is new?  I fasted for World Farm Animals Day last Sunday. It was a challenge, but I just remind myself that the movement helps to bring awareness to the plight of animals on factory farms. Obviously it didn't hurt me to miss a few meals.

We had our roof replaced earlier this week. We knew we'd need to do it eventually so we bit the bullet.  We took out a home equity line of credit so that we can get a few things done around the house (we're replacing some of the fencing next). I'm sort of surprised that my husband actually took the initiative to take out the line of credit. Normally he resists all attempts at home maintenance because, and I quote, "it'll just get that way again."

I've been visiting a dog in boarding for the past couple of weeks. He came in as wild child. Practically feral. I was supposed to foster him but he wouldn't even come in the house. So, the founder of the rescue decided to board him instead. I'm still hopeful that maybe we can foster Rio. Several volunteers are working with him on socialization. I've spent some time just sitting in the kennel with him, giving him yummy treats. Last time I visited, I was actually able to take him on a walk (getting a leash/collar on him was a miracle in itself). He's getting a lot better, though he still seems bewildered about doggie behavior sometimes.

Anyway, that's about all the news I've got. I'm getting a mammogram in the morning (don't get jelly, now!) I've had a cough for two weeks. I keep picturing that I'll have a coughing fit while they have me strapped in and will inadvertently tear my left boob off from the violence of my hacking. Here's hoping I come out of it with two boobs, though.

Until next time, mes amis . . .



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