Friday, June 17, 2011

What's not to like?

Bathtub Art
What I love about being a mom:
  1. Seeing all the trappings of childhood in my home. At the end of the hallway is a colorful bedroom full of stuffed animals, Barbies, and magic markers. At this very moment, there is sidewalk chalk all over my driveway. One of the drawings is of me (I must say I look very svelte, too!).
  2. Hearing my daughter's voice on the phone and being reminded of just how young she still is (do they sound younger on the phone or is it just me?)
  3. Knowing that sometimes, all she truly needs is my touch. I know that sounds corny but it's pretty cool to know that I have the power to soothe and to fix stuff, just by holding my baby girl in my arms.
  4. Getting to see all the kids' movies that come out. Before A was born, I was often tempted to rent a kid so that I could see animated movies in the theater. (P gamely came along to see Monsters Inc and some of the Muppet movies with me, though). I still laugh out loud at certain lines from Toy Story. 
  5. Watching her sleep. She can drive me to the brink of utter insanity all day long but looks so sweet when she's sleeping that all is forgiven.
  6. Rediscovering the whole world through her eyes and being reminded that little things, such as an unopened bag of cookies, can be so awesome.
  7. Reveling in her innocence. In the photo above, she wanted me to take a photo of her standing next to her drawing (while she was in the tub). I didn't have the heart to tell her that I'd probably go to prison just for having a nakie photo of my child. Nonetheless, I have to tell you that even though she's not a baby anymore, she still has the cutest heinie the world has ever (or never) seen.
  8. Having an excuse to run and skip for no reason at all except that she wants me to do it with her. We also played hopscotch this week. 
  9. Having someone call me mom.
What I don't like about being a mom:
  1. Having someone hand me DumDum wrappers and other types of garbage all the time. Seriously, do I look like a trash receptacle? And what's up with spitting unwanted candy and gum into my bare hand? Yeesh.


Stillwater said...

I believe the "cute as an angel" sleeping thing is the main reason our species has survived.

Beth said...

Yes, they do sound younger on the phone! And I have to disagree. The world's cutest heinie is in my house, attached to my little boy.

But there is no sweeter sound than hearing the name "Mommy" from the lips of your child, especially after years of infertility.

This post brought tears to my eyes. Thanks.

Kalinda said...

Love this post. You've really summed up a lot of my thoughts on the matter. Yes, indeed, they sound younger and much more innocent on the phone. And many times I look at my sleeping lads and get that silly little "aww" look on my face as I check on them before bed and I wonder why I was just yelling at them hours before.

Rachel said...

I bookmarked this so I can remind you about it when she is fifteen. Beautifully said and truthfully, even at fifteen, that innocent & pure peaceful look on their face makes you forget a lot of their teenage transgressions. Love ya.