Friday, February 18, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Dance

The glitz! The glamour! A gymnasium full of little girls jacked up on cupcakes and ice cream!

Tonight was the long-awaited Daddy-Daughter Dance. A has been looking forward to this event ever since the invitation arrived weeks ago. I bought her a velvet navy blue dress at Lands' End.  It is a traditional, classic style and I know this was probably my last chance to get her in something like that before she falls further under the influence of other kids at school.  Also, it was on sale - not because it had some kids' monogram on it (as you find with some bargains at the Lands' End outlet), but because the style has been discontinued.  Anyway, I glammed her up a bit with some fancy barrettes, dressy shoes, and glitter in her hair.  Plus, she got to wear her "big girl" add-a-pearl necklace.

P ordered a corsage for her, and she was thrilled about that.  Yesterday she told her dad, "Daddy, I want you to wear your marrying day suit to the dance."  He didn't plan to wear a tux (which is what he wore on his "marrying day," of course), but he did wear a nice suit.  I took a bunch of photos before they left and, much to my surprise, he was willing to take my camera along and snap a few at the dance itself.

The whole scene was undeniably adorable. I took pictures and then my husband strapped his date into her car seat and they headed out to paint the town red.  Or at least the gymnasium of the local high school.  As for me, this was the first time I've had the house to myself in a solid year.  Woot!

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Steph K said...

Just how much wine can you drink in an hour when you have the house to yourself???