Saturday, July 19, 2014

While the mouse is away . . .

. . . the cats will clean out her room. Seriously, I haven't written much because I haven't been doing much. Tonight, P and I could have gone anywhere (since we didn't have to get a sitter and all) and what kind of wild and crazy shenanigans did we get into?  We went to Red Robin (that's right, a place where we can take the kid any time).  On the way home, my other half made me stop at a candy store so that he could get some treats. He's been dying for some chocolate all day. I'm pretty sure he's getting his period. Anyway, we're going to top off the evening by staying home and watching an episode of Breaking Bad. We're steadily working our way through the seasons. After that, we'll probably argue over whether or not we should keep the air conditioning running overnight. So, as you can see, we've got a pretty full evening. 

The kid comes back on Monday. We miss our tiny boss. I'm so glad she's having such a fun summer. My sister has taken her to the pool (multiple times), rock climbing, and to King's Dominion (where my kid rode the hell out of those roller coasters, yo). They've also done some craft projects (I think my sister was glad to have a crafting buddy - yesterday they did tie-dying) and worked in my sister's garden. Today was the hotly anticipated trip to the American Girl store.  My sisters went in on the cost of a doll for their niece (for her birthday).  Apparently my kid exclaimed that today was the best day of her whole life. I'd like to remind her that her loving parents . . . took her to Disney World!  Kids. So fickle. Anyway, I can tell from the photos that she's thrilled with her new doll. 

I have spent a good portion of the week cleaning out her room. I need to tell you that I have found no fewer than five gummy vitamins stashed in various parts of her bedroom. I also sorted a massive bin of markers and crayons. I'm not exaggerating when I say they number in the hundreds. Everyone who knows us is hereby forbidden to purchase a writing implement of any kind for my child.  I made the mistake of letting the dogs in the bedroom while I was cleaning it and I'm almost positive that my foster dog ate Polly Pockets' shirt. He was chewing something and was pretty cagey about it when I asked him what it was.

I know the kid is worried that I'm going to throw a lot of stuff away, but I really didn't toss that much. She seems to think we should save every scrap of paper she has ever graced with some pencil lead, but it's just not happening. I saved some of everything. Some of her artwork, some of her knick-knacks, some of her macaroni jewelry, etc. I've put a fair amount of stuff in storage. Books and such. She might want them for her own kids someday. Anyway, I've made pretty good progress.  The little hoarder will have to start all over again, I guess. 

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