Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring, spring, it's a marvelous thing

I saw a red-winged blackbird today, generally a sure sign that spring has arrived. At this time of year I always find myself scanning the tall grass along the side of the highway, hoping to see that flash of black and reddish-orange. And today I spotted it (also, numerous flattened raccoons). The snow has mostly melted and I must tell you: I wore some very cute floral flats today.

The reason for my journey today was to take Montana to his new home (about two hours away). We are really going to miss him, as he is a very sweet dog. I've mostly suppressed the memories of the humpfest that kicked off his stay in our home. A penned a good-bye song in Montana's honor and played it for him on her princess guitar. It went something like, "My friend, my friend, I'll miss you, Montana." Basically, just repeat that line a few dozen times and you've got the song. I hope in time she'll have a better understanding of why dogs stay with us and then leave.

We'll have a new foster dog in a few days - a young male Boxer named Tucker. He has some gastric issues (colitis is somewhat common in Boxers), but I'm willing to bet the problem may be closely linked to the food his former owners have been feeding him. If you want to shorten your dog's life, by all means feed your pooch Beneful (and then let him eat the bag itself, because it's got roughly the same nutritional value as the food inside). It drives me crazy that something so horrible is even on the market - and that the manufacturer pours so much money into advertising. Just because something in the bag is orange does not mean it is a carrot - it means it's been dyed orange. Same with the "peas" inside.

Well, enough about that. I've gotta run. Figuratively, of course. You wouldn't want to see me break into an actual run.

I'll leave you with this catchy little ditty to celebrate spring. Any band that rhymes "elevator" and "congratulate her" gets a gold star from me. The Freelance Whales are playing at SXSW this year. I'd really like to get to that festival of these days (before I'm deemed hopelessly old and unhip). Also, I have a vaguely-constructed plan that involves running away and working at Dogtown for a time.

Disclaimer: sometimes I think I've found a good song and then I learn that it's been played on Gossip Girl or some such crap. So if this tune turns up there, I withdraw all endorsement of it.


radioactivegan said...

Don't worry. We all know that you liked it first and Gossip Girl copied you. What jerks.

Beth said...

When we first adopted our dog (she's a Jack Russell/Beagle mix), the folks at the animal shelter told us that she liked Kibbles & Bits, 1 cup twice a day. At her first exam, our vet told that was equivalent to feeding her McDonald's every day. Now, per his recommendation, she gets 1/2 cup of Dog Chow twice daily...and, at ten years old, is very healthy. I can't imagine a vet NOT letting people know how unhealthy some pet food is...and, as an animal lover, it's even harder to imagine a pet owner continuing an unhealthy diet.