Friday, May 1, 2009

What I don't need

One. More. Savings. Card.

My newish wallet is splitting at the seams because I'm forcing it to tote around a stack of plastic savings cards thicker than my wrist. I've got one for my local grocery store - this was my firstborn. And many more: Best Buy, a local cafe that is going to give me a free cup of coffee as soon as I have enough points (I do not drink coffee), the Children's Place, a gardening center, Build-a-Bear, Borders, Qdoba, Petsmart . . . the list goes on and on. I've been working on getting a free pretzel from Auntie Anne's for the better part of three years.

I was at Toys R Us (or "Toys Sure R Expensive" as Dave Barry used to call it) yesterday and the dour-faced employee (working at Toys R Us isn't as fun and festive as one might think, apparently) offered me a savings card. I hesitated. Then she said, "Oh, it's not a credit card. It's free." I didn't hesitate because I thought it was a credit card, but because I am simply out of space for these bleeping cards.

"No thanks," I replied finally. I've started turning them down more and more, because the odds of me using them seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer. Not to mention the time it takes to fish it out of my wallet when there are a dozen people behind me in line. ("Did you say the card is blue? You sure? Will my library card do the trick?") Spend a bajillion dollars in a particular store to earn points and eventually, probably sometime after I retire, I'll get a free cookie or something. The whole experience is akin to clipping coupons. If the paper towel company can afford to sell me a roll for 20 cents less, why not just sell it to me for 20 cents less? Why must we play this ridiculous game?

Please don't tell Auntie Anne about this little outburst. I do still want that pretzel.


Beth said...

I've finally reached the point where I turn them down, too. But not without telling the folks offering it to me that if all of these companies would just band together and use ONE bar code it could be tattooed on my arm and save me carrying all those stupid cards! Sadly, too many of them totally miss the sarcasm.

Steph K said...

I'm getting worried about the ones that give you a key-chain-card. Pretty soon I'm going to have more cards than keys.
We should start a go first, Claudia!

Mary said...

I think I just wrote your blog!;) But seriously don't get rid of the ones that get the cute kid cute clothes....;)

Samantha said...

Sounds like you need the KeyRingThing! I got an email about it from mypoints or somewhere. Go to and you can enter 6 loyalty cards and their info on each keyringthing. You can print them at home at no charge, just laminate them and that's it!

Gawd, I sound like an infomercial. Sorry.